Image Editing Services

E-commerce is everywhere. It has permeated to the nook and crannies of virtually every modern society and even traditional ones. Most business in Cambodia leverage e-commerce platforms to sell their products to buyers within and outside Cambodia. While this may prove to be a very effective way to get your products to customers who need them, you may face a lot of technical issues in tailoring the product image to suit the requirement of the e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Photo Editing Made Easy

Most e-commerce platforms are very choosy when it comes to product photos. If you aren’t so tech-savvy, you might face untold difficulty in editing your product photo and descriptions to suit the requirements of most e-commerce platforms. Even if you are tech savvy, you don’t want the product image editing to take all of your time. You want to invest your time in something more important to your business.

Logo Design Cambodia was created to help you handle the technical issues in e-commerce product editing while you focus on important aspects of your business.

Whether you are using popular e-commerce platforms like eBay, Google shopping or Amazon, or even less popular ones, you can trust our expertise to deliver the best service to you at the most affordable cost. We will make sure that your product is in 100% compliance with the requirement of the marketplace and that they image meet the quality requirement.

Services Offered in the E-commerce Product Editing

Our e-commerce product editing service consists of a set of services designed to make your e-commerce products standard and perfect. Some of the services we offer here include background removal, color adjustments, basic retouching, and cropping aligning and padding.

Too often than not, background removal requires a lot of expertise in graphic design. Background removal does not have to give you nightmares and with our superb services, you can be sure of the best touch to your images.

We can also adjust the color of your image and make sure it is as consistent as possible. We can crop excesses out of the photo and align it in such a way as to be usable in any platform of your choice. If you want to have your photo retouched and remove scratches, tags, and dust, you can also trust our expertise to get the best result. We can remove any kind of scratch in any photo no matter its position in the image.

Why We are the Best

Of course, there are other graphic design services in Cambodia, but we pride ourselves as the best logo design and graphic design services you can find in Cambodia and beyond.

Our team consists of professional graphic designers with a lot of experiences in the field. Our graphic designers are experts in the use of relevant software and tools for graphic designs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, and so forth.

We use these software tools and much more to create stunning designs that cannot be matched by our rivals. Furthermore, we are always available to edit the design until we arrive at a perfect design for you. We don’t mind editing as many times as possible.

We value our customers/clients a lot this is why we focus on customer satisfaction. Our customer service team is always available round to clock to respond to you and to answer your questions. You can trust our expertise for the best result in your design.

Also, our core values involve delivering the best services at the most affordable cost and we do our best to make sure we achieve this. We offer cost-effective services but we do not cut down quality in order to save cost.

We make sure that we turn up your designs within 24 hours; we can even turn them up within 12 hours if you want an express service. Most of our customers prefer to have the final output in psd format but we can also product the design in any format of your choice.

If you need a prompt, reliable, excellent and cost-effective e-commerce photo editing services, you can contact us any day and anytime.